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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
Sticky: Table of Contents - Sims, Downloads and Legacies! 
23rd-Sep-2012 04:42 pm - [sticky post]

Hello! I am Nathanial and this is primarily where I have my Sims stuff.

Novel Writing and Short Stories of Camar'a Sere'th in Chronological Order are Here
The World of Camar'a Sere'th has a Website!
For all of my fandoms and my writing on Tumblr go to My Tumblr
For Sims on Tumblr go to My SIMBLR

This journal is public and you don't need to add me to download or browse, though I will more then likely friend you back if you friend me! I love comments, and especially constructive ones! I will always try to reply as communication is a two-way street.

I am a Member of Pixel Trade so you can use my sims in your legacies and stories!


Painting Recolors


Intro|Day One|Day two|Day Three|Day Four & Five|Six & Seven|
Eight|Nine|Day Ten & Eleven|Day Twelve & Thirteen|The End

Ayoda Week 1|Ayoda Week 2|Ayoda Week 3
Ki Week 1
Dre'ia Week 1


Generation 1

Generation 2
2.0 | 2.1 | 2.2
| 2.3 | 2.4

Generation 3
3.0 | 3.1 | 3.2

Generation 4
4.0 | 4.1 | 4.2

Generation 5



Miranda Legacy

Generation 5 - |Saeed Miranda|Zelig Miranda|
Generation 4 - |Adela Miranda|Maero Miranda|Ruusu Miranda|Arwenita Miranda
Generation 3 - |Aroha Miranda|Kiran Miranda|Brishen Miranda
Generation 2 - |Tourmaline Miranda|Fridwolf Miranda|Bodhi Miranda|Adon Miranda|Accalon Miranda

Final Fantasy

Garnet Alexandros or Dagger
Tifa Lockhart
Summoner Yuna
Lucrecia Crescent
Aerith Gainsborough
Vincent Valentine
Squall Leonhart
Irvine Kinneas
Cloud Strife


Nilec Quele
(Old) Nathanial Royale


Marilesse Nymph
Zombie Debbie
Apple Ayoda
Benedict Lionheart
Sacha Ayoda
Roland Ki


Indigo Mist Club
Downtown Bar


Wsewolod's Iocarik's Face Paint(Recolored in 15 Colors)
Izumi's Diamond Face Paints Recolored (2 Face paints in 15 Colors)
Alfredaskew's Model X Lipstick Recolors

Skins and Eyes:


Custom Stitched Solitude Skin


3 Dark Lilith Solitude Skinblend Recolors
Ephemera’s FMW Fixed Skins Genetized
Lilith's Solitude Skins Genetized
Misstiikeri's Chertograd Mouseyblue recolored eyes Genetic
Four More MouseyBlue Eyes Genetized
MouseyBlue Advent Eyes Genetised
Nabila's Her name is Alice - Enayla eye edits Genetized
MouseyBlue Skins Genetised
Miscellaneous Eyes and Skins Genetized
Bosie Skins Genetized
More MouseyBlue Eyes Genetized


Mouseyblue Starer Eyes Defaulted
Jessi's Diamond as Supernaturals
Zombie Solitude SkinDefault/Custom
Lilith's Blue Alien skin Default
Pooklet's My Poor Lover Skin 10 Alien Default
Mannequin & Genie Solitude Skin Default
Multi Pollination Technician set
6 Solitude Alien Skin Blends Custom/Default
Maxis Supernatural Skins with Noodlesims Eyes Defaulted
Vampire Solitude Skin Blend Custom/Default
NoodleSims's Sleeping Lion Eyes Defaulted
AlfredAskew's Tx3 Eyes Defaulted
Enayla's Sonata Eyes as Alien Default
Pooklet's Blue Bell as Alien Default
Ephemera NS' Eye II  Eyes Defaulted

Hair Defaults:

M&G Rockabilly Default
OFB Wavemature Default

Other Defaults:

Medieval Default Matchmaker Clothing
Default Teal Handyman and Matchmaker NPC clothing
Default Nightlife Date Roses in 6 Colors

Clothing Defaults:

Freetime Male Child Overall Shorts
Freetime Male Child Button Shirtshorts
Freetime Female Child Overall Skirt
Family Fun Stuff Unisex Child Dragon Outfit
Family Fun Stuff Female Child Puff Long Dress
Basegame Female Child Formal Dress
Freetime Female Child Dressbelt
Freetime Female Child Hobby Logo Shirt
Nightlife Adult Female Hip Micro Miniskirt
FreeTime Female Uber Family Dress
Vampire Clothing & Hair Defaults
NightLife Male Designer Jeans
NightLife Male Rocker Billy Pants
BaseGame Male ShortSleeve Collar
BaseGame Male Jacket Shirt
BaseGame Male Cowboy Jeans
BaseGame Male Bottom Pants
BaseGame Male Bottom Will Pants
NightLife Female Kasa Pants
BaseGame Male Cargo Pants
BaseGame Female TartenSkirt BeigeCoat Dress
BaseGame Female Tweed Jacket Dress
BaseGame Child Unisex Jumpers
Freetime Child Belt Dress
Freetime Child Collared Sweater
OpenForBusiness Child Cuffed Pants
BaseGame Child Button Down Dresses
OpenForBusiness Child Blouses

Custom Clothing:


Helena (Helena Dress tops for Adults and Teens)
Lace (Alleliua’s Lace Dress for Elders and Teens)
Adult Helena Dress Tops 1
Sherabim's Fairytale Gown Recolors(Teens)
Elder/Adult/Teen/Child (JA's Seperated FT Dress skirt recolors)
Elder/Adult/Teen/Child (Io's Lacemaker Seperated Top)
Io's Lacemaker in Lemonlion's Green (Un-defaulted)
Geldyh's Alpha Dress Seperate Top
Sherabim's Fairytale Gown Recolors (Adult)
No Scarf! (Poodleskirt for Adult/Teen/Child Female)
Specter Dress in FAB's Ghost and 16 more Recolors
Adult Female Split Dress in CuriousB's Colors

Dark Wash (Female Pinup Outfits)
La Cabaret (Female Dresses)


Male Steampunk Bottoms (4 Pants for Teens/Adults and Elders.)
Adult/Teen/Child(JA's Puffy Shirt & Vest Aelia Autumn Tone Recolors)
Adult/Teen/Child(JA's Puffy Shirt & Vest Aelia Jewel Tone Recolors)
Evil/Neutral/Good/Loki Warlocks on Yuxi's mesh(Adult/Elder/Teen Male)
JA's Puffy Shirt for all Ages in 2 more colors
More Club Crimson Pants as Separates for Men
Peachjelly's Palace Uniform (9 Recolors Without Tail)
Flash Gordan Part Two (4 Recolors of the Male Seperated OFB Dress Shirt)
Purple Recolor of Yuxi's Adult Male Lord Coat
Purple Recolor of Amaryll's Adult Male Villian Edit
Black Sheep (Club Crimson Pants as Separates for Men)
Muscle Museum (Male Full Outfits)


JA's Colette Recolors on a Freetime Mesh
A Minor Edit (Zoeg's Medieval toddler sleepwear without stockings)
Trapping's Female Child Swimwear (Un-Defaulted)

Wallpaper and Floor Sets:

Fable the lost Chapters (In Icad's Wood colors)

Sims in Paris Wood Floor (12 Walls and 7 Floors)
Grand Theft Auto Walls and Floors
Fallout New Vegas Walls and Floors
100 Followers Gift! (Tomb Raider Wood Floors in ICad's Colors)
Two Abstract Pattern Wallpapers in Anna's Colors
One Abstract Pattern Wallpaper in Anna's Colors
62 Recolors of the BaseGame Siding
Kitchen Splash (BaseGame Linoleum Recolors)
Misc Wallpapers (Vintage and Grunge)
(Old)Get Out (Vampire Bloodlines Wallpaper)
(Old)Pity on You (Dark Damask)


Windows and Doors

BaseGame Breeze Easy Window Recolors
BaseGame Walnut Door Recolors
BaseGame Oaktowne Door Recolors
BaseGame Justa Door Recolors

Maxis Furniture

You've Got Feet (Four Kitchen and Bath Stove Recolors)
Age of Austerity (Patio Chairs in Anna and ICad colors & BaseGame Cheap Phone in ICad's colors)
Someone get me a Telephone (Base Game Cheap Phone in Anna's colors)
Freedom (Base Game Game Machine in Anna's colors)
Regrets (Base Game Fire and Security Alarms in Anna's colors)
Stranger (Base Game Creative Easel in Anna's colors)
Garnet (Base Game OakTowne Dining Chair and Luxiary AmpleKing Table in Anna's colors)
The Weaver (Base Game Teak Chairs in Anna's colors)
Erase (Base Game Counters in Anna's colors)
Helping Hands (5 Garden Breeze table recolors)
Trees In Eden (IkeaStuff KarlStad Sofa Recolors)
Blurry Paradise (IkeaStuff Malm Bed Frame Recolors)

Time Will Reveal(BaseGame Luxiere Loveseat Recolors)

Custom Furniture Recolors

CrabofDoom's 'Proper' Coffins (Hafizale textures in ICad tones.)
Adele Ceaser Kitchen in Goat's Wood (In 13 ICad tones.)
Adele Gothic Set in Goat's Wood (5 Tones with 5 Different Fabrics.)
Rustic Kitchen (3 Aweeshie's BB Kitchen Goat's Wood in ICad Wood Colors)
Lama's Turner Set Part 2(Lama's Turner Dresser and Armoir in Icad Woods)
Lama's Turner Set Part 1(Lama's Turner Chest, Cabinet and Locker in ICad Woods)
Sewing Desk(Fantasyrogue's sewing desk in ICad Woods)
Lama's Bath Tub(Lama's Period Tub in ICad Woods)
Don Haung Statue Recolors (Daislia's Statue and Lotus recolored)
Fairytale Bedroom Set (In ICad's Woods)
So Blind (4 ATS barney chair recolors)
BB's Emma (Aelia's woods and cushions in Aelia's Autumn tones)


Fable the lost Chapters Murals
Jasmine Darnell Posters
More Avengers Posters!
4 Asian Nightlife Cankerous Recolors
4 Recolors of the Basegame Winter Blossoms scroll
4 Recolors of Freetime Eastern Blossoms scroll
Brave (54
Hand Carved Tile Paintings)
Age of Austerity Avengers Posters
Steven Daluz's Angel Paintings
A Memori of Trees (5 Cally Whitham's Tree Paintings on a Freetime Mesh)
50 Skyrim Screen Shot Paintings
Millenarian (12 Lineage 2 Paintings)
10 Winnie the Pooh Paintings

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