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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims] Survivor Challange! Intro: 
24th-Oct-2009 11:35 pm
Zomg! I am finally playing again!

Sooo shamelessly stealing the idea, I am, I said it. I stoles it, I don't care. Pooklet is awesome.
This actually got me wanting to play again!

I made eight sims and stuck them in a lot I made and I shall see how long they live. The one that lives the longest I shall play with in a legacy, as I just can't get inspired otherwise these days. And I really should be working on 2 History term papers right now yah....

I'm playing with alot less content then I was before, so you'll likely to see maxis or maxis looking stuff more in this. I'm trying to separate myself from grunge, it's really hard. Harder then I imagined >.< But here is the Asylum.

Uninteresting is uninteresting, it's more practical then marvelous. Next is the first floor.

Entryway, I kept to a Asylum idea with the limited seating and other such things sims would need to survive.
Only makes sense.

The awesome yellow kitchen, I rather like it achually.

Bathroom: All of it, in one room. This will prove to be annoying and bleeding hiliarious eventually.

The Red Room. Each Bedroom has a color.

No stove, only hotdogs here ^_~ Second Floor -

Second floor study/entertainment area. In winter this is going to get cold heh.

The Purple room. And a double bed. I don't recall if I have the more then 8 sims on a lot mod so if anything romantic happens I may end up with babies...

And the last room. The...Green Room!

And now the people trying to survive through the next while are...

Barbara Dal. Crawls into bed with people she doesn't know, has no qualms of speaking her opinion. She hates Makeup! Attracted to red heads in their underwear, if you have black hair stay the hell away from her. She barfs at your very presence. A Pleasure seeking family orientated Scorpio. (Pleasure/Family Scorpio)

Plainly, Ekko. Mainly due to my forgetting to give her a last name >.< But she is individual now in not having one...Anal in her need to clean everything, everywhere. Attracted to red heads in glasses who are terrible at cooking, if your good at cooking she wont like you. A family grilled cheese loving Virgo. (Family/Grilled Cheese Virgo)

Leal Ess, a man who hates anything feminine or even the mention of make up and dresses at the dinner table. Especially by other men at the dinner table. Turned on by black haired people with no jobs (Hobos?) but if you have brown hair back off. A Fortune and Pleasure loving Virgo. (Fortune/Pleasure Virgo)

Page Paili, obsessed with make up and dresses. Has already been made fun of quite a bit, and I and a friend have deemed him neon and specifically neon yellow obsessed. It just worked in our favour that he is attracted to Custom (Neon!) and blonde haired people. Oh and if he doesn't turn out to be flaming gay I will give someone money >.> He just has it written all over him. A Family orientated Pisces. (Family Pisces)

Quintin Dyl, likes to hog the bathroom, and walk about in his underwear. He also seems to like dresses and make up nearly as much as Page does...He's attracted to brown haired creative people who have jobs. No job, your not for him. A Romantic Aries. (Romance Aries)

Roland Ki, a stud who knows he is one and likes to flaunt it. A bit of a rocker alternative type, he likes brown or black haired types who are not that great at mechanics. A Fortune aspiring Aquarius. (Fortune Aquarius)

Sacha Ayoda, quite the nerdy little chick. She likes to write in her diary all the time even when the people she is writing about are in the room. Loves her newspaper. She likes blonde or black hair but they have to be holding a job! A Popularity seeking fortune sim who is a Pisces. Poor shy thing. (Popularity/Fortune Pisces)

Walden Eo, a lazy slob...My least favorite. He falls asleep in his food quite oftened and never makes a smiling face. He likes to hug people randomly as well. Attracted to Hardworking people who are good at cooking, but if your old and have grey hair he may barf at you. A knowledge seeking Leo. (Knowledge Leo)

Their we go!

I have pictures up until day three at the moment though this may be slow to update with college and upcoming midterms and end of term tests. November and December are killer.

27th-Oct-2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
Found some of your models uploaded at Underworld and thought of you. I'm surprised you're not playing Sims 4 yet!
27th-Oct-2009 09:52 pm (UTC)
Ah hahaha. I have a very large dislike for sims3 as of right now. I believe they look like pudding! I'm vain I like my simmies in sims2! ^^
30th-Oct-2009 02:52 am (UTC)
I vote for Roland! I want his sim babies! ¬_¬
31st-Oct-2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
lol, hopefully Roland lives through then!
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