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Distant Dreams
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[Sims2] Solitude Skins Part 2 - Alien! 
21st-Apr-2012 11:48 am

Now I have never really recolored skins before like this. But here we have 6 Alien skins.

Robin’s Egg and Gypsy Rose (CuriousB’s colors) are matte colors and are offered as individual Alien defaults or custom.

Coastal, Slate and Tealish Blue are Aelia’s colors, and Magenta is an Anna color.

They are offered in custom or default flavor, as well as being offered in a Multi Pollination Technician set with 4 custom Noodlesim’s Lioning Sleeping Alien Eye recolors. These eyes are also offered for custom use as well!

The four sims used in the multi pollination technician set are; Slyndsley’s Finnick, Trapping’s Sherif Latif, Katu’s Deliciousness and Huning’s Rua.

Packaged up are all the Alien skins as Default in one folder, Choose ONE! The skins and Eyes as Custom genetics in a folder, pick and choose what you would like. Also included are the original PSD’s as I was asked to put those up for creators when I previewed these skins over a month ago.

Download Here

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