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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims2] Miranda Legacy - A Viking Death Squad Legacy! (5.0) The End! 
6th-Nov-2010 01:13 am

Fortune and knowledge sims and their tantrums about college!

A house of crazy morons.


It still looks like the kids aren't doing that good.

And Sky is nearly an elder and he never learned a thing, not even to pee outside.

I fail with pets.

We have bugs because of the moochers and Kiran is sick :(

Growing up time!

Darn glitchy teen alien eyes, Mrrrr!

And I gave up on taking pics of them as teens because of this glitch.

Crazy Moochers, it feels like an asylum around here.

From teens I sent the three to college to grow them up fast and here we are with all three as adults!




Adela is our heir and while scurrying around for a mate she starts doing pedo action to summernighttown's Dominik.

Best Friends/Crush/Love
at first sight anyone O.o

An adult Dominik Hunk and Adela are on the way to making the 5th gen :D

Crazy moochers are crazy!

One moocher down, two to go :P

And no this is not on purpose, they control themselves.

We know sims are idiots.

Sky is already an elder, poor doggy.

 Masterpieces, this is her life.

Two down, one to go!

Last one out for the count!

Stop...Baby time!

Baby boy Saaed, Arabic for Happy. Because I am :D

Kiran dies, at least he is platinum.

Were rich already, the money doesn't appease :(

The family as it stands at the End.

Adela, Dominik and Saaed.

Thanks for reading everyone!

I finished a legacy, (Even if it was only 5 gen!)

It's over!
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