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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims2] Miranda Legacy - A Viking Death Squad Legacy! (3.1) 
15th-Aug-2010 10:43 pm

This update was a bit rushed and posted when I was very sleepy...

Stoned witches in the moonlight O.o

I had just rolled up the weekly challenge last time -

For Richer or Poorer: Your entire family have gone crazy for a wholesome Amish life. Sell all modern conveniences except for the stove and the fridge, including lights and any and all electronics (including phones and smoke alarms etc). Electronic career/aspiration rewards can go into a sims inventory until the week is up. Only one bathtub (not shower), one sink and one toilet are allowed on the lot. Quit all jobs, and live off of the land for the week.

So the entire family is living the farm life :D

Finally I decide enough is enough and took the teens all out on the town.

Brishnen, Kiran and Aroha are all attracted to girls.

And with the boys turn ons being so complicated finding them someone is going to be laughable at best.
(Kiran is turned on by stinky people who clean, and Brishnen is turned onto stinky people with full face make up O.O)

Brishnen is trying to converse here with skittledsims's Skittle, simself.
(At least I think so, many sims in this hood!)

But I kept trying to find people for Aroha my current favorite.

eien-herrison's Becky Rutland.

If you the two have another baby ten days from elder I will be sourly tempted to butcher the lot of you >.>

Skype hates me for making her garden, she whines about it every time.

Aroha the romance sim had not had a first kiss and a greeting kiss qualified as it and fulfilled the want :( I would have liked to see the cinematic.

Anyone Aroha is attracted to were going with, just to keep options open.

Whoo family dinner! And sparkly food :P

And I forgot to give stats for the kids so...

Brishnen is a family sim who wants to marry off six grandchildren.
Kiran is a knowledge sim who wants to be a Media Magnent.
Aroha is a romance sim who wants to be a rock god. (Fucking cool!)

These two are still all over each other...all the time.

No jobs?
Then let's get High!

Aroha is moving a little to fast for some girls.
boolpropbea's Kor'a Lys likes a courtship before the making out!

Apparently they are a beacon of light o.O

Heir portraits all done up :D

You came over to socialize guys...
summernighttown's Dominik as a teen.


The weekly challenge!

Beware, The Stuff! One of your sims, while wandering in the garden, finds a mysterious stuff coming up out of the ground; upon tasting it they find it is irresistibly delicious and CONSUME IT ALLLL. In the morning they are no longer themselves, but instead A MINDLESS ZOMBIE! Random roll (using http://www.random.org/ or similar resource) between all of the zombie-prone sims in the house, and turn whichever one you've rolled into a zombie. Optional challenge! To include MATY's Zombie Apocalypse hack upon rolling this challenge.**

Zombie Apocalypse
was also installed.
This is bound to be quite interesting...

Taste the dead flesh...

Zombie shuffle...
Cool at first, pain in the ass later.



And Aroha is made into a Zombie.
A rather hot Zombie actually o.o

And the household begins to live in fear!

Aroha had been afraid to become a zombie, she's not handling the transformation that well.

But she's doing her Romance sim best to forget about it all.

Thealicecat's Tantalum is so adorable and shy ^__^

Zombie lesbian makin out tiemz!

The squad is working hard to defend against there mother and sister!

As the boys and Fridwolf have been so busy the call for brains went unanswered long enough!


Tourmaline is not nearly as hot as Aroha.

The first time any of the sims in this household decided to make a snow man.

My mate wants to chain me up!

And do BDSM to me!!
Wait...you don't have a head!
God Damn it!

And lastly poor Thealicecat's Tantulum was trying so hard to avoid Skype and her Steady zombie girlfriend eating her brains she fell asleep in her food.
Poor thing.

17th-Aug-2010 12:13 am (UTC)
Ahaha, the penguin bit is hilarious!
17th-Aug-2010 01:19 am (UTC)
lol! Thanks :D:D
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