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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims2] Miranda Legacy - A Viking Death Squad Legacy! (3.0) 
5th-Aug-2010 07:31 pm

This Update is a very fast paced one.

They poop at the same time, need food at the same time and sleep at the Exact same time!

Birthday Time!

Kiran as a toddler ^^

Brishen as a toddler ^^

Aroha (The Girl :P) as a toddler!

Training all three toddlers starts >.>

The house goes to hell again :P

Dionysus is just as an amazing Grandfather as he was father and husband ^__^

And in the bathroom >.>
Dionysus slips on.

He's so happy, I'm sad and once again Fridwolf doesn't care! :O

But the toddlers do....

Both Founders at rest.

Birthday Time again!



(So pretty!)

And the Simultaneous Smustling begins once more!

Boys being cute ^_^

Decided to try this thing out for once.

Aroha liked it, the boys hated it.
It does not get much use-age.

The new weekly challenge was rolled up as:

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves: the highest earning sim in your house has gone garden ornament crazy! Spend all of their pay cheques for the week on gnomes and other garden specific decor.

So begins Fridwolf's paychecks being used for outdoor pretties!

Nanny, just because she is younger does not mean she is competent.

And of course she walks away from it.....

Life is boring enough jumping on the bed is memorable >.>

We needed another one, really we did.

Kids actually sitting together for lunch! :O

Bathroom smustling...again.

Fridwolf makes friends with Engram_au's Spud Mcstroodle.

HI! :D

Dionysus the not so nice ghost.

Go Fridwolf!
You have no reason to be angry O.o

The spoils of the weekly challenge :D

  1. For Richer or Poorer: Your entire family have gone crazy for a wholesome Amish life. Sell all modern conveniences except for the stove and the fridge, including lights and any and all electronics (including phones and smoke alarms etc). Electronic career/aspiration rewards can go into a sims inventory until the week is up. Only one bathtub (not shower), one sink and one toilet are allowed on the lot. Quit all jobs, and live off of the land for the week.

I just finished up the kids birthdays that night before I sold all the electronics/light.

And the last Birthdays!

Kiran :D


(Currently heir material)

6th-Aug-2010 07:32 am (UTC)
You got the amish challenge! xD That's the one challenge I have been totally dreading.
Brishen is definitely my favorite (:
6th-Aug-2010 07:49 am (UTC)
They are all adorable though so were all gen 2 :D

They will be up for download as soon as they hit adulthood ^^
6th-Aug-2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
Ohhh Brishen, is cu-u-ute!
9th-Aug-2010 02:42 am (UTC)
Thankies :D
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