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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims 2] Meadow Haven Round One - The Noble House of Kerbasi 
8th-Apr-2014 04:10 pm
Sad Angel

The second individual home round for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!

Now, these families are already established
(Have married and had kids)
So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion (In progress)
Noble Family Ulrik

Shenanigans, a House tour and Birthdays :D

The outside garden at night ^_^

Now on-wards to a House tour!

The entry room, it deserved the most pictures due to pretty!
Excuse the different picture sizes!

The Kitchen.


Livingroom/Chess area.

At this point I figured out that this house is diffacult to take nice shots in.
So the rest are a bit constricted in viewing the rooms.


The room of the three boys: Lord Gawain, Lord Yahyra and Lord Aram.

The master-bedroom.

House-tour complete :D

Yahyra playing with his little brother Aram.

Yahyra's birthday from child to teen!
All the family's present pictures and stats will be at the end!

Aram aged from a toddler to a child.

Aram's toys wont fit in the boys shared room so he plays in his parents room.

Gawain and Yahyra bonding over football

All my simmies do is woooohooooo.

The boys have been getting a kick out of the ballet bar completely on their own.

Dancin in the entryway ^_^

The boys favorite pass time now that there is snow.

Which leads to Gawain (Our future King) freezing his butt off and becoming an icicle on the dirt road.
Don't get ran over Gawain!

Speaking of Gawain, the boy has issues.
Also what is truly laughable about this, Eugenia, the woman on the far right is the Queen.
Gawain you are marrying Eugenia's daughter, Princess Elanah!
Your moving in with them!!
(Well at least things there are bound to get interesting that way)

I'm going to put up everyone's stats to end off.

Eibhlin Kerbasi
Have 6 Grandchildren (Unfulfilled Yet?)
Over Achiever
7 children is her Ideal.

Bittor Kerbasi
Woohoo 20 different sims (Unfulfilled)
Under Achiever
1 child is his Ideal.

Gawain Kerbasi
Become Head of the Intelligence Career (Impossible)
Average Achiever
3 child is his Ideal.
Promised in Marriage to Princess Elanah Akahata.
Will be Meadow Haven's next King.

Yahyra Kerbasi
Have 20 simultaneous Best Friends
Average Achiever
1 child is his Ideal.
Promised in Marriage to Princess Mariel Akahata.
Heir to the Noble House of Kerbasi.

Aram Kerbasi
Aram's future is undetermined as of right now.
As he is the last child of the Kerbasi House, he may have to strike it out on his own when he becomes an adult.
Without the 20k handout o.o

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