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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims 2] Meadow Haven Round One - The Noble House of Ulrik 
29th-Mar-2014 01:14 pm
Beautiful Woman 1

The first individual home round for my Medieval Challenge/BACC mash up!

Now, these families are already established
(Have married and had kids)
So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale

The Ulrik's were not really that exciting this week but we have a house tour and birthdays!

House tour!
The Ulrik alter in the kitchen.

Living room.

Master bedroom.

Kassia and Lea's room ^_^

The outback before planting.
House tour complete!

The first thing they do is dance, cuties.

Planting eggplants.

Frans is no thief!


The most exciting thing in this initial week was tree burning.
Guys, you suck :p

Sims, where an arranged marriage with no previous contact can turn into life long romance.

Made over two townies while at the house.

All three girls are getting older!
I'm going to put up everyone's stats to end off.

Lady Saithmaith Ulrik
Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends (Unfulfilled)
Average Achiever
2 children is her Ideal.

Lady Kassia Ulrik
Become a Media Magnate (Impossible)
Average Achiever
(There is 5% chance any CAS or born in game sim will be infertile in this hood.)

Lady Lea Ulrik
Average Achiever

Frans Ulrik
Earn 100,000 (Unfulfilled)
Average Achiever
2 children is his Ideal.

The week ends with more dancing in the hallway!

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