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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims2] Simmies for Adoption to a Good Home! 
4th-Dec-2009 12:54 am

Here are a few simmies for you!

(All skins and eyes are genetised versions used regularly in my game. Pooklet's mainly.)

Benedict a pale elf bad witch boy, Sacha a nerd from my Survivor Challenge and Roland a hottie from my survivor challenge.

Benedict Lionheart - In my game he is a badwitch townie (Soo pretty for a townie! :O ), but he wont come as one I don't think especially if you do not have apartment life. So I included aikea-guinea's outfit in with him for your benefit ^_^

Download HERE

Sacha Ayoda - Comes as seen, quite a cute little nerd in my Survivor's challenge.

Download HERE

Roland Ki - Comes as seen. Black hunk of man from my Survivor's challenge, looks even cute when worrying.

Download HERE
4th-Dec-2009 08:24 am (UTC)
OMG! They are so cute! I can't wait to get them in my game! I can't wait to see if you put up more!
5th-Dec-2009 08:09 am (UTC)
Aww Thanks!
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