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Distant Dreams
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[Novel] World Building The Camar'ian Empire Politically 
10th-Feb-2013 04:09 pm

Click on them For Detail!

Finally finished the Political map. I put the Geography map with it so one could compare the two.

AS OF YEAR 1993 Judicium

Camarian Empire in Sq miles: 502,143 (Excluding The Empyrean Isle and Thyl’e Fae)

Camarian Empire’s Population: 6,705,998 (Excluding The Empyrean Isle and Thyl’e Fae)

So roughly the land area with all the text is the size of Portugal, Spain and France which are together roughly 491,110 sq miles.

That does sound small but…

The Known World’s Landmass is 2,863,182 sq miles.

Essentially the known world as it stands is only one continent. So the Camar’ian Empire rules over about 1/4th of the known world.

The Population is low even by Medieval standards because this Empire has been at war near constantly for 2 millenia…

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