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Distant Dreams
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Hello! I am Nathanial and this is primarily where I have my Sims stuff.

Novel Writing and Short Stories of Camar'a Sere'th in Chronological Order are Here
The World of Camar'a Sere'th has a Website!
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This journal is public and you don't need to add me to download or browse, though I will more then likely friend you back if you friend me! I love comments, and especially constructive ones! I will always try to reply as communication is a two-way street.

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Painting Recolors


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Eight|Nine|Day Ten & Eleven|Day Twelve & Thirteen|The End

Ayoda Week 1|Ayoda Week 2|Ayoda Week 3
Ki Week 1
Dre'ia Week 1


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Neon Mask

The first individual home of round 3! for my Medieval Challenge/BACC Medieval/Fantasy mash up!
Now, these families are already established

(Have married and had kids)

So! Read these first to catch up!

The First Challenge - Who will be King (Finished)
Intro & Days 1-3|Days 4-7|Days 8-11|Days 12-18|Finale
Second Challenge - Expansion
(In progress)
Round One

Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|Royal Family Akahata
Round Two
Noble Family Ulrik|Noble Family Kerbasi|Royal Family Akahata

Let's start Round 3!
[These shots were before I installed the post-effects mod.]

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Title: a smaller ending [Book 2]
Rating: (PG-13)
Content Notes:

Nathanael’s pov. Book 2. The War has been won. Drefan has been stopped. Scene- Through Thom and Nathanael’s perseverance, Drefan’s mind has been freed…


Drefan made a move to brush past us all, newly risen with his mind returned to his control. 
“It’s too light here. You know that. I’m not meant to be here and no one ever wanted me here. Go on kid,” he looked back to me, stopping just for a moment.
“Rule your Kingdom, and maybe help them, my people. Undo all the Gods damn damage your parents did in their blind judgment of things they didn’t understand. Finish your destiny. I never thought I had one but well look where that got me. I’m frankly sick and tired of it all. You set me free…” 
Drefan’s brows furrowed heavily, “I won’t forget that. But we’re even. I saved you, and you saved me. Done deal. I’m gone.”

“Where?” the word escaped with a sob.
“Well as you and Thom wouldn’t leave well enough alone and here I am out of the Abyss. You’ll find me in my personal hell.”
With that he turned, hands in his pockets, heading through the doors like no time had passed like nothing had happened in the last 6 years.
He just left.
Drefan walked away. The teleportation circles would take him to the Border Forest. But I did not want to go back to the cabin, it was our personal hell and I wanted no part in it. I could not understand and it hurt, after everything, it hurt so gods damned much.
The Kingdom was saved, the battle won, and nothing, for me, had changed.

Drefan still did, indeed, hate me.
Thom was dead.
All of my family? Gone.
Do you still blame me for not being able to stop any of it? I was a child…I still feel like a child. 17. Barely-grown. I was innocent, ignorant of the world and its sins back then. I did not know…you know that I wish I had. That I could have stopped what Robert had done to you and to our beloved Thom. 
We are the last ones left, you and I.
Our secrets buried.
Deep inside.

Yet here I sit on the final battlefield, spurned. 
I knew I had to move on, to get up, to take my throne and be crowned King. But I needed this time to scream. Because this was not how things were supposed to be. This was not how it all was supposed to end. My heart had lied to me.
So I screamed and I thrashed as Sir Raphael held me, stopping me from using my sharpened nails on myself. So much blood, what was a little more? But no, my Sovereign Guard refused as he pushed my face into his tunic sheltering the world from an anger that I had not allowed myself to express in eight years.
Not since the day I learned, I would die.  
I had a kingdom to rebuild and I knew I could not run after you. Not again. I had to think of my people before myself. Nobody would understand.
Goodbye, Drefan.
I love you. Still.


Title: Unrepentant Hopes Chapter 1 (Novelization First Draft)
Rating: (PG-13)
Content Notes:
No paragraph indentations due to Dreamwidth limitations.

Please everyone, take a moment and give it a read and comment! Constructive Criticism only!

I have been working on this Chapter for literal years, my perfectionism is downright awful and I needed to finish this and put it out there so I can’t fiddle with it anymore.
This Chapter is very much setting up the book for this Character POV. Inter-meshing past events and current circumstances.



I was nine years old when I was told I would die. But I did not understand. Death was not so easily comprehensible by a child who had not previously witnessed death or trauma and had been raised apart from society. The very closest thing I could recall was the withering of a flower, and yet new buds always grew, so what was the permanency of death? I had been protected from life and all its unpleasant realities so how could anyone expect me to understand? Due to this upbringing, the concept of dying was foreign to me, but the worried clutching of arms at my frail waist had my attention as I listened.

“Without repairing his failing organs there is nothing further that can be done,” the words were whispered by the only woman in the silent room, who held her black shawl closed with one hand and watched with impassive teal eyes once her words were spoken.

“You realize their Majesties will never stoop to the profane practices of opening the body with shadow?” The High Caster kept his eyes on the far wall not even looking at the Myrael as he demeaned not only Milistree but her people and their practices. “The Prince is more man then Ellearn, he is Reinn Anon’s child and they will not be cut open, like animals to the slaughter. What then is to separate us from those of the darkness that sacrifice their weakest and youngest to the knife?”

No. This was not a viable choice. To lose the spirit; the sacred breath given by Reinn Anon, Lord of Holy Light and Storms in the beginnings was no life at all. It was a fate worse than death to let loose the sacred light locked within the shell. My parents would never allow it.
30th-May-2018 06:02 pm - [Novel Drabble] Happiness
Title: Happiness
Rating: (PG)
Content Notes/Warnings:

The short explanation: The Goddess of Love and Loyalty promised to ‘shift’ Nathanael so that they could have children.
Normally male, Nathanael is female here.

Main Character/s: Nathanaael Peter Quele Royale, Damion Ante, Not yet born Joscelin Quele Ante
Plot: Nathanael wishes for Damion to know that this child inside is his, blood or not.
Location: Royal Castle, Capital of illander.


The baby moved.
With a gleeful smile, Nathanael took up Damion’s hand and settled it against their abdomen. The Vampire was used to Nathanael requiring physical affection and relaxed his digits against the nightdress. The Sovereign waited for the baby to jump once again.
When the baby would move a second time it caused the Assassin to jump, vampire starting at the movement beneath the layers of cloth and skin. Sight was not required for this and the smile upon the blind man’s face was exactly what Nathanael had hoped for. Webbing fragile fingers through Damion’s to press them harder against that swelling curve, Nathanael tilts their head and begins to speak.
“He is yours, Damion. Blood or none, this will be your son.”
So much death, too much death in Damion’s Un-life and his Life before that, and Nathanael wanted more than anything, now that the throne had been secured, to give Damion life. A life. A precious bundle that would still be there when the Consumption finally took the Sovereign to the grave.
“I have no idea how to raise a child Nathanael.”
A bitter laugh, cut short by fear of it turning into wracking coughs and bloodied lips. “Do you think I have any idea?!”
The Vampire raises pale knuckles to his lips, “Yes, because you have always wanted children… Still, all one can hope is he won’t hate me for having to learn as he grows.”
“I don’t think our child could ever hate you, Damion.”
“Gods I hope not. Will it call me Father do you think? It is an odd calling on me, in my mind.”
“You will get used to it. I know you will.”
“In time perhaps. Move your limbs, I want to hear both of your heartbeats.”
Nathanael shifted so they were the only one on the settee, laying comfortably as Damion knelt by his side, laying his head of dark blonde curls against Nathan’s abdomen. Gently pressing his ear against the cloth, the Vampire closed unseeing brown eyes. Relaxing into the rhythm of the two heart-beats against his ear. Like nothing, he had ever heard before…

Secret Room

(I tried not to brighten the preview too much..)
I wanted to make a 'Village Green' and love birch trees but the original color is very bright Shocked So I went off to make some of my own! However, I took on more then I could chew at first and spent the evening trying to figure out why they were flashing blue in the neighbourhood view!  Cry
I found out that EA had not made them season friendly after that expansion came out  Just keep stabbing
But Bienchen83 had an all-season Birch recolouring template that saved my butt!

So here we have 6 darker recolours of the base game birch tree for you to enjoy  ^_^

(Most of my sim uploads are at my SIMBLR now as I do not need an external image service that way.)


Shastakiss’ The Person Below Me prompt on GOS was:

TPBM will make a sim who wears a crown, likes very comfy beds, and their favorite color is pea-green 

So here is King Albert. 

He surrounds himself with greens of a paler tone and as close as possible to that ‘pea-green.’ I found him the comfiest of Thrones so he could have a lazy recline and possible use it as a bed to have a nap when not doing Kingly things. (And posing sims on beds has always been kind of awkward.)




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Wall Credits:
Sims in Paris
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Beautiful Woman 1

Uploading Gen 1 of the Kerbasi House ^_^

Bittor Kerbasi
Bodyshop Photo
Woohoo 20 Different Sims


Eibhlin Kerbasi
Bodyshop Photo
Have 6 Grandchildren

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