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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims2] Miranda Legacy - A Viking Death Squad Legacy! (4.0) 
12th-Sep-2010 04:27 am

I know I have not updated in two weeks which means I am out of the running on Pixel Trades but I am bound and determined to try to finish this thing as I have never made it to Gen 5 before.

So even if I am out, I am still going to keep going and finish this thing!

(Pixel Nudity inside)

This weeks challenge:

We Went to See the Wizard: your house and land has been obliterated by a tornado, and the insurance company are gypping you on your claim. Delete/bulldoze everything on your lot (you may keep sim-painted paintings, and aspiration/career rewards in a sims inventory before doing this) and flatten it to remove any and all landscaping. Its time to build a whole new house, afresh with the money remaining.

I let my friend tell me specifics for the house as I was bored and wanted a bit of a challenge of managing my sims and also decorating out of my comfort box. (And mainly with Maxis deco to boot.)

Kitchen had to be Red.

Green living room.

Purple (TINY) Bathroom

And the bedrooms were yellow and orange respectfully but they were to small to take pics of and to plain to worry about anyways.

New Urn Room ^___~


I deleted the beds.

Crap, Crap, Crap.

My Bed!

Kiran's turn ons and turn offs are so terrible that it has been decided we are going to have some Alien babies!

After 4 days of no luck I gave in and randomized his turn ons and turn offs again, we need an heir!

No Alien babies for you Boo!

This is why I was giving up >.>

dorkasaur_sims's Sylvie was attracted and attractive so we have one back up!

selzi's Queenie Fox was also another that we had as back up.

Boy has a Death wish...
He gets into arguments with everyone...
Even me.

I hate Makeup!
What do you take me for?!

You started this Mr!
I could unmake you!
Back off!

Oh what do we have here?

About frackin time aliens!

He almost looks happy about it :P

Sucked up.

Spit out.

Why yes, there is a baby on the way!


Oh dear...

See, he even argues with the Social Bunny O.o

*Bounces Away*

A Case of Laryngitis: the torch holder cannot leave the house for a week and cannot communicate with anyone in the house or outside the house other than through non-verbal means.

Giving Birth is apparently so much pain he wishes to become one with the mirror.

Alien baby!

Baby Girl Adela, Latin for - Of the nobility. Noble.

Last time you will have contact with your Dad for a week little one >.>

Have to one cute baby picture!

Birthday time, and the Grandparents are in attendance.

Adela, toooo cute!

Proof of lineage, Linuslover sims as Alien pollination.

Way to make me feel like crap Kiran :(
All he wants to do is teach his daughter but nope, he can't so his Dad is and of course he is the first guy sense Dionysus that wants to help his kids too!

Love's still alive :P

Just sitt'in around...
Wait'in for someone to let me out...

One sure way to traumatize your grandchild?

Pixel Butts.

Can you guys stop making out to come help the baby?


I see.

Well at least this time everyone cared, unlike LAST TIME people died in this household!

Poor dear :(

And that is where I leave off.

15th-Sep-2010 12:35 am (UTC)
You did a wonderful job decorating the house. It's so cheery and bright.
15th-Sep-2010 04:40 am (UTC)
Thanks, it needed a make over!
15th-Sep-2010 12:37 am (UTC)
The new house looks great.
Was Fridwolf's last thought about kissing O.o
15th-Sep-2010 04:42 am (UTC)
It was, he's such a horndog! :P
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