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Distant Dreams
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The Beginnings of A Build A City Challange (Rule Post) 
23rd-May-2010 01:11 am


I have decided to try my very own BACC. Inspired by pennysims gorgeous pictures and story.  I wanted to try it out but I knew I could never completely follow the rules so I modified them quite a bit .I am not really planning on trying to get their allotted goal, I am just going to play it till I don't want to anymore, I would like to at least achieve 10,000. So basically I'm just trying out a new play style.

Some rules are copied from Pennysims, some from the official rules. Others made up entirely of my own, or modified.


- Start out with a blank neighborhood and a single sim. At this point, no universities, downtowns or shopping districts. And no adding any community lots.

- I am allowing myself to download and install premade lots, I am to lazy for this! *Flails*

- As the neighbourhood expands, you must play every household for the same amount of time. (7 days. For now, this may change.)
- Sims may not have fire detectors or burglar alarms. They may not call the fire department or police station because the neighborhood is so far away from the nearest city that no one could come to help in time even though someone called them. This restriction lifts you have a downtown.

- In the beginning sims may not call for any other services than transportation (taxi). No nannies, no pizza, no chinese food, no maids.This restriction lifts when you have a downtown.

- 1 townie (other then spouse) can be moved in for each 5 family friends. Though they must be played in the family home and once they moved out.

Personal Sim Multiplier Reference:

For the SM, when you start out it's 1. You get 1 point just for starting, then you add to it like this:
+1 for your first community lot
+1 when you reach a total of 5 community lots
+1 for every additional 5 community lots
+5 for adding a Downtown
+5 for each Business District
+5 for each University

So when you get your first community lot, your SM goes up to 2. When you get 5 community lots, you add another one to make 3, and so on. Then you just add up your playable Sims and multiply them to get the official population.

Example: Suppose you have 5 community lots and a Business District, and you have 30 playable Sims. Your SM would be 8 (1 for starting, 1 for the first community lot, 1 for having 5 community lots, and 5 for the business district). Then you multiple the 8 by 30, to get a population of 240.



- Only private school students can attend university and university graduates are the only ones that can get a job until the openings in those jobs broaden at the given points below. Others have to make money other ways (for example by starting a business in the mean time).

- When the population of the town reaches 500 some jobs will be more readily available, ones such as


- 1000 population opens jobs in:

Natural Science

- 5000 population will more broadly open:

Pet Jobs

- The other jobs will not be as required by the Community and will have not many job openings:

Show Business


- Community lots are placed by either  having a Sim purchase it, and start a business on it. Or Every 4 Sim households earns one community lot. If you place a community lot using the second way, it does not need to be own by a playable Sim, but if you want a Sim to have a business there they can. In addition to adding to your SM, for each community lot you also earn 1 CAS Sim. [You don’t have to add the new Sims as you earn them. You can save up and add whole families if you choose.

- You unlock a business district by having five (5) player owned community lot businesses of any rank. You may earn more than one business district. For each business district you also earn five (5) CAS sims.

- Adding a downtown requires that at least one of your sim families has gone through over three (3) generations. (Your first sim, the founder of this challenge, started the first generation, his children being the second generation and their children being the third generation so when one sim of the third generation has got a baby, you may add a downtown if you like.) Unlike other additions, you may only earn a single downtown. The downtown earns you 10 CAS sims and after adding it your sims may call for all services, police station and fire department as the neighborhood has grown so much that it has its own police station and fire department.

- Adding a university requires $500,000 and there are two ways to get that amount:

1.) You can take a tax from each household (this includes business's owned) once a week/year (or once a season or something else, it's up to you). The tax can be same for every household (you decide the amount) or it can be for example 5% of their lot value. Once you have collected $500,000 in taxes you may add a public university.

2.) Other way to get a university is to have a wealthy sim donate $500,000 to build a private university.

A public university will accept any sim but if you choose to have a wealthy sim build a private university, he gets to decide who gets in and who doesn't. The founder of the private university gets $25,000 (from the sim god = you) per sim who enrolls. There are also university fees to be paid but you can decide their amount by yourself.

You may earn multiple universities. For each university you earn 10 CAS Sims.

The End?

Well, something about 10,000 population would be great as that means quite the bit of work, alot of sims and lots of sim time! But beyond that  I just want to try to play in a different style. No cheats and marrying in townies and playing everyone equally as I usually don't.
23rd-May-2010 07:22 am (UTC)
i think your rules are a whole lot easier to follow. good luck!
23rd-May-2010 07:29 am (UTC)
Thanks! The thing about the jobs for the official rules made my poor head spin >.< So I had to simplify them but still make them restricted :D
23rd-May-2010 12:46 pm (UTC)
This project/challenge sounds awesome! I love the rules!
Good luck! :D
24th-May-2010 03:08 am (UTC)
Thanks :D
24th-May-2010 08:49 pm (UTC)
Oh my god. I just remembered that somebody messaged me asking for my BACC rules, whas that you? If yes, sorry that I didn't reply, but I wasn't really around back then. Anyways, I love the rules, I might start something like this, too, since I have no idea what to do with my new neighborhood... :)
26th-May-2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Oh it's alright Alex! I understand :D
11th-Jul-2010 04:40 pm (UTC)
Hi! I know this is a couple of months old, but I have a few questions of clarification about your house rules (which I really like!) I was hoping you could answer them for me.

About the jobs--I've been moving in a lot of townies that already have jobs. Do they get to keep them, or do they have to quit? I've been having them keep their jobs because, you know, money, but it kind of detracts from the necessity of making a living from community businesses/gardening/painting/crafting/whatever.

And to be clear, Uni-educated sims (when I finally get them...) can take any job, right? No matter what the town's population?

Thanks for posting this challenge, btw, I really like the rules and I plan to have fun with it. Right now I'm in a bit of an infinite loop of adding on new townies in new households, but I think I just need to stop moving in townies, make my sims have some kids, and go from there.
12th-Jul-2010 09:10 am (UTC)
When they move in you have to remove them from their job, as no one can have jobs at the beginning as everyone has to live off the land. Maxis automatically gives townies jobs their is nothing we can do about that but you need to remove them from them when they move in.

Uni sims are the only ones who are able to get jobs but even so they can only get the jobs available by the population opening, so even if they went to Uni they would only be able to get jobs in Police, Law,Criminal,Medical,Military if the sim multiplier population is 500-999.

And adding townies to house holds kind of makes the challenge really easy... That is why I made the rule you can only add one townie to the house for every 5 friends. Don't worry as soon as a business hits rank 6 you made way to much off of it. The Ayoda's have made 50k off their business in only 2.5 weeks of play.
12th-Jul-2010 11:58 am (UTC)
Hmm. So, the slacker, gamer, etc. careers can never be opened for the duration of the challenge, then?

I know about the five friends rule; my problem is that my sims get married, then get their five friends (or more), move one in, move him out near the end of the week, rinse and repeat. I'm going to stop soon, I promise... :)
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