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Distant Dreams
Muse With Me...
[Sims] Survivor Challange! Day Six and Seven: 
19th-Mar-2010 09:05 pm


Welcome back to some shadowboxing in the bathroom!

Diary paranoia.

And lots of Roland Spam to be seen (Meeeow).

Barbara: "Fuck the Girly stuff!

At least someone remembers to feed these people >.>

And the Grilled Cheese Momma looks good doing it ^^

Repoman * Insert Repoman Opera Joke here *

Scary mofo took our bookcase :(

Poor Roland, the only sim I have found cute while he pees himself :P


Stinky pan handling will get you know where Leal

Leal: *Shake shakes can*

And again Stinky people in the bathroom clogging up the place >.<

MOAR Roland Pron anyone?

Thank you Page for taking the bath, otherwise we would not have had Roland Pron!

Roland, you need to learn etiquette...

Roland: Great job peeing yourself man! :D

To show I wasn't ignoring Quintin, he's just tired >.>

The girls worked out, got buff, had accidents with their glasses and their left eye exploding O.o

Clarance: "Keep your hands off Roland BIATCH! He's mine!"

Ekko: "Your Married! Hands off yourself!" :O

Less stinky but just as creepy panhandling, it even attracts the newspaper girls.

Bathy Roland ^^

I recall this happening before... SEE I RECALLED CORRECTLY!

You are all JERKS :<

Ending on more Roland is always a good thing ^^
Till next time!
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